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What is NouLAB?                                                            

NouLAB is New Brunswick's public and social innovation lab. We help the public and innovators act together to address our most pressing social, environmental, and economic challenges. By connecting change agents from across sectors, convening them around pressing issues, and facilitating their journey to deep change, NouLAB is making the change process smarter. 

Facilitation Team
External Facilitation Support
The NouLAB Team explains the work they are doing in New Brunswick

What is a social lab?

"Bringing together a diverse, committed team and taking an experimental, prototyping-based approach to addressing challenges systemically, that is, at root cause level."

- Zaid Hassan, Author of The Social Labs Revolution and founder of Roller Strategies

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University of New Brunswick
Suite 134, National Research Council Building
P.O. Box 4400
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 5A3  | Tel:  (506) 451-6826

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