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Gallery from 5 day Sprint held in Moncton May 13 - 17, 2020

NouLAB held a 5 day sprint workshop to launch the Economic Immigration Lab into its third and final year with three teams working on diverse subjects. The teams came into the lab with issues and left with proof of concept prototypes tested with three potential end-users. NouLAB will continue to support these teams to further develop these prototypes through the next year.

The engagement began with an opening question asking, what is a story of when you felt welcomed? The themes and messages that arose included:

  • Making the effort to recognise someone new and welcome them

  • Taking time to show people around

  • The strength that the multiple cultures in New Brunswick provides

  • We need to open to accepting and being interested in and celebrating the differences between people

  • The ability to have deeper-level conversations can be hard if people are just used to being around like-minded people

  • New Brunswickers can tend to be friendly but harder to get to the 'friends' level

  • There are different levels of welcoming and we need to be aware of our impact


The teams are working on the following issue areas:

  • Making the city of Miramichi a more welcoming and inclusive place for newcomers

  • Supporting Information, Communication and Technology employers and employees find the talent they need through immigration

  • Building a better way to recognise foreign qualifications of people coming to work and live in New Brunswick


The prototypes have already gained traction and support from stakeholders in all cases but it is still early days to share many more details.


Miramichi Team

Information, Communication, Technology Team

Foreign Qualification Recognition Team

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